Diabetes Journey

Decision support for clinicians treating type 2 diabetes


Less than 7% of all people with diabetes achieve their desired outcomes. This is due to a multitude of reasons including compliance, motivation, education, cost of medication and suboptimal medication regimen. Personalizing the treatment of diabetes is a known challenge and a daily struggle of physicians. Guidelines published by ADA and EASD are complex and personalizing the treatment is a challenging exercise. For HCPs with less than 10-15 minutes per patient, adhering to the guidance can prove an insurmountable task.


With Diabetes Journey the clinician is supported in navigating the objective guidelines of the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Typing in key patient biomarkers such as blood glucose measurements, kidney function, co-morbidities, current treatment, drug intolerance, and the target blood glucose value, guides the clinician toward the treatment suggested by the guidelines. The recommendations can be for initiation and dosage of medications, or discontinuation of existing treatment.  

Business value

By supporting physicians in selecting the right medication for their type 2 diabetes patients based on the latest guidelines, we can ensure that patients are getting prescribed the right medication and their health and quality of life can be improved.

User value

Diabetes Journey provides clinicians with a concise and easy to navigate recommendations list of the most appropriate medication for a particular patient. This minimizes the time spent browsing through lengthy guidelines and maximizes the time doctors can spend on their patients.

Patient details

The physician enters biomarkers about the patient, for the recommendation engine to process. Biomarkers include blood glucose measurements, kidney function, co-morbidities, current treatment (for patients already taking insulin), drug intolerance, and target blood glucose value. 

Review Recommendations

The engine generates a list of medication recommendations, based on the provided patient biomarkers, for the physician to consider. Namely what medications to initiate or discontinue and how to titrate prescribed medications. 

Personalized treatment escalation

Based on the physician's decisions, a personalized plan is presented. Easily printable and ready to administer.