Growth Journey

Growing awareness about growth hormone deficiency


Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) is a rare medical condition caused by a lack of growth hormone. In most cases, GHD affects children and if diagnosed early can result in healthier recoveries. It is usually diagnosed by monitoring the height and weight together with the growth hormone levels in the body. Height is an important indication of a child’s overall health and development, but it is seldom measured or tracked enough to reveal any underlying issues with growth hormone. 


Using a simple app and camera, caregivers can quickly measure their child’s height with increased frequency and accuracy. By measuring, tracking, and recording a child’s measurements in the child’s growth book a caregiver can quickly detect growth increments and deviations. If measurements deviate from standard country-specific growth charts, the caregiver is alerted to contact a doctor. 

Business value

Growth Journey spreads awareness about GHD and helps to educate caregivers and children about the condition. The app serves to guide, manage, and lead caregivers and children towards as early a diagnosis as possible so a doctor can prescribe the correct treatment promptly. 

User value

There exist many taboos around GHD and an overall lack of awareness about the condition. Growth Journey helps to shed light on GHD by guiding and educating. It empowers and supports parents with a simple tool to monitor their child while ultimately providing ease of mind with the help of early detection. 


The app features image recognition software to help caregivers accurately and easily measure the height of a child using their smartphone.  

Growth book

A caregiver can monitor and document their child’s growth through regular measurement entries in the child’s Growth Book. If measurements deviate from the norm, the parent is alerted to contact a doctor.  

Growth chart

Based on the measurement entries in the Growth Book, a digital growth chart is created that can be shared with the medical professionals for better monitoring of treatment.

Treatment plan 

The app provides treatment plans to help caregivers and children take ownership of the condition.