A digital coach to support patients manage their weight


People diagnosed with obesity are generally not achieving their treatment goals with up to 80% dropping out of treatment after three months. This is a complex problem that stems from both the patient’s lack of guidance and the clinician’s lack of resources. Patients miss personalized adjustment plans, continual motivation, and a place to track and record sustainable habits while clinicians lack the resources demanded of them when treating and managing people with obesity.


Through our design thinking approach, we conceptualized a digital support system called MotivO; a digital coach designed to help people living with obesity. The solution educates patients, tracks progress, establishes lifestyle goals, logs a diary of your weight loss journey, and features a buddy program as a cornerstone of the product to support patients through their journey.

Business value

MotivO supports patients with a trustworthy obesity ecosystem, that drives the relation to people living with the disease. By supporting patients with a digital solution, our client stays closer to their patients while adding value to their medication.

User value

Through planning, education, and motivational elements, MotivO empowers patients to take control of their life. Patients are supported and motivated to adopt new lifestyle changes, while doctors feel assisted in managing and maximizing the plans of their patients.


A patient diary helps to log detailed body measurements and transformational photos while it encourages psycho-social mood tracking that can all be shared with a health care professional.


Motivates patients through light gamification to set goals and make healthy choices in life. Through gentle notification nudges, patients can earn streaks and badges to encourage engagement. 


The journey feature of the app provides the user with a 32-week educational program and tips to guide and support them along their journey. The 6 educational themes include: My medicine, motivation, nutrition, being active, coping strategies, and weight maintenance. This can help users learn strategies for how to deal with setbacks, weight plateau, food craving, emotional eating, and living a healthier lifestyle.


The Buddy program in MotivO is a cornerstone feature driving engagement and motivation. A buddy can be added via email and receives a shadow version of the app to help support the performance of the patient. It is also possible to send direct messages, comment on goals, motivate, and more.